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emissions measurement and monitoring


AireCore: A Patented Micro Mass Spectrometer

Our Scientists from M.I.T. led by Dr. Brian Hemond and Prof. Ian Hunter have invented and patented a cost effective, portable Mass Spectrometer, enabling molecular level air content testing anytime, anywhere.

The Difference

  • Molecular Air Composition in less than 1 Minute

  • Strong enough for mounting on a commercial truck

  • Battery powered, internet connected, and requires no training 

  • Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand


  • Measures all gases required for gHg registration / CO2e Calculations

  • Identifies sources and quantities of harmful airborne contaminates

  • Confirms molecular signature of sample gases for forensic testing

  • Real time feedback on air signatures 


  • Encrypted cloud storage

  • Desktop and mobile applications, and payments processing integrations to carbon credit exchanges

  • Easily view your emissions and carbon footprints to generate and process carbon credits

Image by Evgeni Evgeniev

Bring the lab to the samples, not the samples to the lab.

Air Quality Measurement

AireCore includes the emissions measurement device, encrypted cloud storage, and desktop/mobile applications to view your emissions and carbon footprint. 

Carbon Credit Management

Spectaire creates high quality carbon credits based on auditable data.  These credits are needed as the current supply is insufficient and are often not driven through measured emissions data.

Emissions Reporting

Directly through the use of the AireCore application our partners will be able to view and export reports on their emissions and tracking those emissions to their stated Net-Zero or emissions reduction goals.  

Available Anywhere

The AireCore Micro Mass Spectrometer weighs less than 10 pounds yet is rugged enough to be mounted on commercial trucks.  Has world class accuracy yet requires no user training.  Provided emissions reports hourly but has unlimited data storage.  

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