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Spectaire believes in order to impact air quality we need a reliable method to measure, report, and understand air content. 

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What We Do

Spectaire provides a unique solution allowing for visibility on air content anytime anywhere.



Driven by AireCore, our patented Micro Mass Spectrometer we sample and analyze air content at the molecular level.



Using the air samples we measure the CO2e of the sample through analysis of air content and generate the appropriate reports.



In our mobile app companies can track air quality changes and report on those changes with confidence.

We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Emissions

We are all under pressure to improve the air quality.  New global regulations require many companies to track their ghg contributions. 


We make it possible to see how much CO2, Nitrogen, Methane, Sulfur, and other organic compounds exist in the air and track it over time.  Your CO2e footprint, tracked over time, enabling you to track to your harmful emissions reduction targets. 

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